Monday, November 10, 2008

Social Technographics -- A Monday Morning Vocabulary Lesson

Facebook, Blogs, Wikis, My Space, Twitter, Delicious, Linked In....what are all these things people are talking about?

Social networking can be defined, generally, as online/web applications that allow people to connect to people in collaborative and social ways to share information and build networks.

For retailers, social networking offers new ways to connect to customers (how many "fans" does your store's Facebook page have?) and to tap into the peer-to-peer communications and promotional opportunities occurring on the web today.

But where do you start? Learning about the "social technographics" of your customers might be it! Social technographics are like demographics for social networking online.

Groundswell offers a great online tool to allow you to find out a bit more about Technographics of groups by age, country, and gender.

Based on their research data, they will give you the percent of their survey repondents that "rank" on six scales:

1. Creators: Those the publish content (blogs, YouTube, etc.) online. (Find Creators in your student population to help with you store's Facebook page!)

2. Critics: Those that comment on blogs and post ratings/reviews to products and services.

3. Collectors: Use RSS feeds to follow many blogs and "tag" websites (Delicious) and people (such as in Facebook).

4. Joiners: Use social networking sites (such as Linked In).

5. Spectators: Read blogs, watch vidoes on YouTube, listen to podcasts, etc.

6. Inactives: Are not active in social networking/social media activities.

Checking out the Groundswell tool for 18-24 yo US folks of both genders, you see that many more of them are Joiners and Spectators versus Creators and Collectors. As you review this information and consider how your store might get into social networking/media use, this insight might help you determine where to start and what activities to offer your customers.

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Tony Ellis, CAE

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Online Display & Merchandising Guide

Looking for a great resource on visual display, lighting, fixtures, and merchandising? You're GOT to check out the "Display & Merchandising Guide" hosted online by George Little Management, LLC.

GLM produces several merchandise shows in the U.S. and offers the guide as a resource to one and all. The information in this online resource could be used as a refresher, as staff education tool, and a reference guide for projects.

I'm adding the link to this resource to the Blogs section of The Retail Muse. Even though it's not a Blog, this will make it easy for you to find it in the future, if needed.


--The Retail Muse