Thursday, May 17, 2007

Information is Power!

Okay. I don’t want to use The Retail Muse to offer shameless plugs for NACS programs and services.


We currently have THREE…FREE…VERY insightful resources on our website that I think you have overlooked, somehow. At least, the website statistics on the download of these items aren’t very robust.

So, I’m disguising my voice, hiding behind the opaque curtain, and issuing a call to action. Click, download, and play…Information is power!

1. “Retail Inspiration: Insight from Student Leaders and Customers” Webcast
Recorded live at CAMEX in Orlando, this audio-video webcast features TRU’s Michael Wood sharing the in’s and out’s from the Fall 2006 TRU® report and a qualitative research project sponsored by the NACS Foundation.


2. “Research in Action: TRU® Impacts on Campus Stores” Webcast
Don’t have time to read all the research and figure out what it means for the college store? In this webcast program, college store experts from the NACS General Merchandise Committee share insights from the Spring 2006 TRU Study report and discuss implications for college stores. They offer suggestions on how to evaluate your current merchandise mix and how determine if you have what today's teens (and entering freshman) are looking for.


3. Brown is the new Black. Orange is the new Brown. Pink is the new Orange.

Where does it stop? Or does it come full circle!?

Color determines mood, inspires action, and evokes emotion. Choosing the right colors makes a difference--for your apparel, gifts, even your store.

So keep track of the next brown, black, and pick with the Pantone Color Forecast reports. Check out the “Pantone Fashion Color Report-Fall 2007” to gain some of their insights into the hottest colors for Fall before you even break out your Speedo!

Oh, and take note…Chili Pepper is the new Red.


Tony Ellis, CAE

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