Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In and Out

Each year, TRU offers it's In and Out of teenage wants and desires.

I want to share a few thoughts from their results. But not to steal TRU's thunder (or rights), I'm lifting only a few points and taking from their Fall 2007 results. They're interesting and suggestive for college stores, nonetheless.

According to TRU:

Of tech and toys - Technology:
- Console video games are MOST "in" according to guys, while online photo sharing tops the list for girls.

- Social-networking sites came in second for most "in" for both guys and gals.

- Virtual worlds seem to be just coming into the field of play.

Dressing the Part - Fashion:
- Sexy and revealing threads topped the list for most "in" with guys, while girls rated that lower on the list. Girls are preferring the girly and feminine look for now.

- Goth seems to be remain on the fringe, holding the last spot (most "out") for both sexes.

- Notably, business/professional dress ranked 3rd "most in" for both sexes.

You've Got Issues - Issues:
- Eating healthy is most "in" for both sexes. Stock those healthy snacks, everyone!

- Delaying sex until marraige is most "out" for both sexes. I'll let you decide for yourself what your store should or should not stock relevant to this one. :-)

More take-aways from the TRU research studies are available in The College Store magazine on a regular basis. And watch your e-mail for the TRU View e-newsletter.

Hope your 2008 is off to a good start!

Tony Ellis, CAE

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