Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sometimes a Great Notion - Research Edition

Each week brings a new round of surveys, reports and research on retail and consumers. Wading through all the paperwork, "the Retail Muse" stumbled across these three studies that campus stores can glean some insights from.

Happy survey notions!

Impulsive Millennials.
Brandweek carries an interesting summary of a new report, called "Winning with Millennial Women Shoppers" In the report, and survey, they found that this demographic tends to shop less, buying more on each trip, and prefers the "supercentre" experience of Wal Mart and Costco. Other findings included a need to "get the job done", instead of focusing on price, and a interest in healthy, and good for you food alternatives, providing the price point was reasonable.

Gen Y tracking
Chris O'Brien, with the Mercury News, writes a fascinating article on his trip to the suburban shopping center, in search of Generation Y shopping habits and interests. Joined by Kip Yarrow, he visits MAC Cosmetics, Lids, and Forever 21, and learns a great deal along the way.

A highly recommended read for anyone retailing to Generation Y, and of course a reminder that sometimes the best lesson for retailers, is to go shopping in the mall and watch what their target demographic is up to.

Cold Hard Concrete
A Marketing professor has found that products look more inviting, and you are more likely to purchase them, when you are standing on concrete floors versus carpet. It's an inverse relationship, and counter-intuitive, but the study showed that when customers have a slight level of discomfort under foot, they view the products much more positively, which converts to sales.

It's not just the floor though. Professor Joan Meyers-Levy has also studied ceiling height, discovering that high ceilings make consumers look at the bigger picture, while low ceilings make shoppers focus on details.

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