Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Muse Holiday List

It's almost Christmas! Now should be the time to think of gifts for those hard to get people, like "The Retail Muse"! Here's the list of some of the items "The Muse" would like to find under the tree this year:

Vinyl Love
It's official. Vinyl records are completely back in vogue again. Now the sales are still small, but all those geeky audiophiles out there would love a new nifty Pro-Ject turntable to play all those old dusty records boxed up in the basement. Once "The Muse" obtains one, out come the Miles Davis and Hawkwind Vinyl! Ah the warmth and pops and scratches of our youth!

An Anniversary worth celebrating
1969 Seemed to be a year of Change. Woodstock and the Moon Walk. But most importantly, the dawn of Sesame Street. Now who can't love the Street? This year, a beautiful 40th anniversary coffee table book has been released, highlighting all the adventures of Big Bird, Oscar and Miss Piggy. Includes a bonus DVD of the very first Sesame Street episode!. "The Muse" looks at it as a great item to channel his inner child.

Looking through a Green Apple
Any Beatles, or pop culture freak, would get a kick out of the complete Beatles catalogue stored on a USB drive within a bright green apple. Can you think of anything more iconic and future thinking than all the Beatles songs, stored on a 21st Century USB Drive. I wanna hold your USB!

Color your world
With a million iPhone apps, there's a fair bit of choice. Yet nothing beats the Pantone Color app that is now available for a reasonable price. Every Pantone color on your iPhone, scroll through and choose complementary colors, try colors out as a background on your pics, and email true Pantone color choices to your favorite designer, visual or graphic artist. anyone who loves looking at color will find this application a true gem and color their world for years to come.

Blowing in the Party Wind

Christmas parties are fun right? Especially the dreaded staff Xmas party. But nothing beats an Xmas party with Bob Dylan! Check out this video for Dylan's "It Must Be Santa" - It's weird and wonderful and slightly disturbing. Check out the wig! But. isn't it a great polka fused festive song for the season?

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