Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A thought about Haiti

As "The Muse:" thinks about his nephew, Andrew, a UN Peacekeeper, lost in Haiti, a few things stand out in the last week.

First, How can you not notice the power of text messaging right now? Check out this story from the New York Times. Reporting on the $20 million in donations raised last weekend, all from texting donations.

Isn't it amazing? That $20 million plus can be raised just by people texting their financial support for a disaster? Finally a "good" reason for text messages. A defensible rationale for the ubiquitous text message. If it is convenient, and easy, to text your friends about what pub you've settled into, or the concert you're seeing, then obviously the ability to text donations for a disaster like Haiti is a step ahead of the mobile text curve.

To raise so much money, and to offer so much support, in such an easy fashion, is a good example of the power of mobile devices. No longer does the moment of existential angst and emotional resonance pass unnoticed. Now the moment is there, right at your fat fingertips, a quick few seconds to text a word and there it is. Your commitment is done. Your support is finalized. A text to save the world, or at least to help a nation.

Thanks to all those who spent a minute or so to support the survivors of Haiti. Thanks, to those who think of the peacekeepers, the UN Troops, and the ground personnel, like doctors and nurses. Giving their time so willingly. Because of you, we can move beyond this tragedy, fix the problems, and above all, move back to thinking about events and trends that don't hurt and scare.


the retail muse

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Anonymous said...

To The Retail Muse personally, you and your family are in my thoughts and your nephew is in my prayers. To those reading this blog, not only is text messaging proven through the noted example, but Facebook got a big boost when the 24th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) announced to their families that they(specifically my son-in-law) could be followed by being a fan of their Facebook page as they serve those in Haiti! Social media has become vital to our emotional well-being, if nothing else.