Friday, October 29, 2010

When Banks pay it forward

Like most of us, my in-person connection with the bank is a twice yearly visit. The rest of the time, I have pretty much accepted bank machinery to deal with financial needs. Bank machines, On-Line, Phone. Rarely do I talk to a real person at a real bricks and mortar location.

Except for the other day. My twice yearly in-person visit. As I finished up with the teller, she handed my a colorful brochure. "It's called the feel good ripple!", she said. "You take this, and pass it on to the next person - like paying it forward"  Now I was impressed, not only because of the well thought out graphic design (It didn't look like the usual bank marketing piece), but more importantly it contained a $10 bill!

Now when was the last time a bank gave money out like that? I was totally impressed, and inside the brochure the bank talks about building better communities and doing something with the $10 just to make someones day. You can also share your story of giving back at the website

I think the campaign is brilliant! I had a whole new respect for the place I bank at. Which got me  to thinking. Wouldn't this type of campaign be great for a college store? Talk about building some good will, giving back, and providing at opportunity to pay it forward on campus. I think it would send a powerful message of community support, building empathy for others, and providing the campus store with a strong community focused value message.

So what did I do with my new found $10? Well, I thought briefly of keeping it for myself, but that would have defeated the point. Instead, I walked up to a mother with her two kids in the Starbucks drive through window, and after she realized I wasn't gonna attack her, handed her the cash. She was thrilled.

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