Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Awaiting the Rebates

The squeeze is on in our economy and the consumers are feeling it.

The government hopes that the economic stimulus program will encourage consumers to spend, spend, spend.

According to a recent NRF/BIG research study, consumers plan to spend one third of their $600-$1200 rebate checks on necessities/groceries. While this puts a slight damper on things for college stores, the study also suggests that $3.9 billion will go to apparel, $3.7 billion to electronics, and $2.1 billion on "splurge/impulse" items--all things that most college stores carry in some form or another.

May is a time of extra cash in pockets (buyback) and high emotions (end of term and graduation). It's a time when stores should be ready for inpulse purchases of gifts, keepsakes, insignia, and other general merchandise. The pending rebates should only enhance this situation.

So you should be getting ready to sell, sell, sell!

Tony Ellis, CAE

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