Thursday, August 21, 2008

Create Your Own… .

The advertising marketplace is all a flutter this week as The Gap brings back some heavy duty advertising for the fall after a 2008 ad hiatus. Instead of the usual Gap marketing onslaught of high dollar big name entertainers in a pair of khakis, Gap has chosen more niche focused musicians, actors and celebrities to anchor the new “create your own…” campaign.

With visuals in relaxed black and white visuals and strong GAP graphical statements the new campaign is in stark contrast to the Madonna electric disco ball feel of past campaigns.

All of this got me to thinking that there is a reason Gap chose these slightly recognizable faces. They are all early adopters and trend setters and what better way to get customers in the store than suggesting that you too could be a trend setter?

My first thought for the campus store was how about bringing this concept to the campus community? Find some early adopter trendite student browsing the aisles of your store this fall. Offer em a chance of Campus fame and fortune and before they change their mind dress them up in some new campus wear and letting them loose with the campus photographer.

You’re very own campus ad focusing on your store’s mix and match selection, individual expression and recognizable campus faces.

Someone should try this – At least to prove me wrong.

Mark Patten

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