Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Summer, Festivals, and Clever Ideas

I just love festivals--music, art, and food festivals to be specific.

So summer is a wonderful time for me. Many Saturdays are spent wandering up and down canopied aisles at one of the hundreds of community festivals that pop up during the few warms months in Cleveland like dandilions in my lawn.

And, as usual, I picked up some interesting product and display ideas that I thought worthy of sharing with you. The following are from a local arts and music festival held a few weeks ago.

Local retailer Luxe Goods (http://www.luxegoods.com/) offers jewelry and other cool accessories for hip chicks. The purse (left) is made out of clear plastic with beer bottle carriers cut up and used as the artwork. They also had the clever earring displays (right) made out of old LPs. The challenge would be to find LPs!

A little further down and I found another clever jewelry fixture. The natural wood stump display (left) really accentuated the artisan's wood-bead jewelry nicely.

And another artisan had some unique window vases (right) that I could see selling nicely to female resident hall students and sorority house residents.

Finally, Mary Juhasz, of burnin beads/artglass jewelry (burninbeads@adelphi.net) had some fun little pins. The GrumBuster (below) would surely be a great seller during mid-terms, finals, and other times in students' lives!

I'm sure you check out similar events in your own area. What a fun way to gain new ideas and discuss potential partnerships with local artists and others for unique new products.

Sadly, summer is quickly coming to a close. I have not hit near as many festivals this year as I'd like. I do have an important one coming up this weekend. The Burning River Festival is a put on by Cleveland's very own Great Lakes Brewery and is a full day of beer tasting and socializing.

Okay, perhaps not the best place to get ideas for college stores, but I'll let you know if I find anything!

Tony Ellis, CAE

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