Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Of Fonts and Hamburgers

February is the cruelest month. The cold, the snow, the gray dreary existence of February, makes shopping for retail trends a less than rewarding task. But beside the endless commentary of Super Bowl 2010 Commercials, "The Retail Muse" has been spending time baking up some inspirational fonts, chowing down on $600 burgers and shucking Times New Roman for a typeface that's a little more creative.

What Font are you?
If there is a car that matches your aesthetic, your dog looking like you, or a color that provides you energy, there must be a font that says volumes about who you are. Enter, "what type are you?", a website that asks you a few questions, and provides a font and typeface that is all about you. Give up on the Times New Roman default and discover your true passion in fonts like "COOPER" (for those imposing types), "EXPANDED ANTIQUE" (for those looking to make a big impression), and BASKERVILLE ITALIC, ( A font that says you are well read, but a little short sighted).

You don't have to be a "typeface geek" to play. Choose the font that shows the world how assertive, emotional or traditional you are. After all, Wouldn't your budget presentations look so much better in Perpetuta Tilting Light?

You can go through the fun Freudian exercise (complete with your font therapist talking you through four questions), at You'll need to turn your speakers on, and enter your name to discover your typeface enigma. "The Muse" typeface is Bifur, a font that is both bold and subtle. Not a bad description! Let's hear what typeface YOU are. Leave a comment and let us know your font!

Baking typefaces
Once you know your font, time to bake cookies! If you are into sugar, cookies and the Helvetica font, you can now order cookie cutters shaped like fonts from If your budget proposal doesn't go over well with your deep meaning font, at least you can sway em with your new font-cookies!

The Value of Nothing
Readable economics treatise are rare, but a new book, by economist Raj Patel, is on "The Muse" bedside table. Called "the Value of Nothing", Patel points out the hidden cost of endless consumerism, and shows how that lunchtime burger at the fast food joint should really cost you $600 bucks once you add up all the costs. A fascinating and well written read. Naomi Klein just called it "Deeply Thought-provoking.....a brilliant book"

Patel is making the rounds, so if the book is not your gig, check him out on public radio, PBS and all the business talk shows. He's a great writer, and a charming interview. You can also check it all out at

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