Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to avoid customers

I think retailers come up with the most clever ways to avoid the hassle of having actual customers come into their store. The picture above is one of the best examples. The text reads:

"By entering into, and/or remaining on these premises, you hereby consent and agree to a search of your belongings, including, but not limited to your purses, backpacks, bags and pockets".

It just screams welcome to our store doesn't it? This sign was posted prominently on the front door of the retail establishment. The general hostile tone was further reinforced by a lackadaisical security guard standing around, presumably ready to conduct the strip search should you want to browse within the retail compound.

Yes I know that theft is a big problem in retail. But putting up legalese signs such as this only make customers avoid your business, and search out your competitors that welcome and embrace them. Treat the customer as the whole person - not as a set of problems.

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