Thursday, February 01, 2007

Welcome to “The Retail Muse”

Welcome to “The Retail Muse”—the official blog of the NACS General Merchandise Committee.

A select team of contributors will use this venue to post information, ideas, effective practices, and commentary on retail trends, hot new products, merchandising tips, and other topics of interest to general merchandise gurus from the collegiate retail industry.

If you are new to blogs—think of this as an online journal. Each entry is called a “post”. All posts are archived and may be searched and retrieved at any time. In addition, this “journal” allows YOU to submit “comments” in response to each post—creating additional idea-sharing.

To enter a comment on a post, click on the “Post a Comment” or "Comments" link, type your comment, fill in the “Word Verification” (for Blog security), choose an identity for your comment, and click the “Publish Your Comment” button. It will probably be easiest for you to use the “Anonymous” Identity button. Just be sure to put your name, title, and store/organization (and e-mail address, if you like) in the body of your post. Otherwise, we will not know who you are!

All comments are moderated and must be reviewed and approved for posting before they will appear online (similar to the NACS e-mail discussion lists).

Previous posts and archives are linked in the left margin. The search function field is at the top left corner. To search the archives faster, take note of the "Labels" for each post at the bottom right-hand corner. We will use various labels for different types of posts (i.e., trends, commentary) and topic (i.e., fashion, promotions).

The Retail Muse will have new posts every 6-10 days…so bookmark it and check back regularly. Watch the NACS CM e-newsletter for occasional announcements of new content, as well.

We hope you will engage in this new online community.

Yours in retail….

The Retail Muse.

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