Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trends in Background Screening

Okay, it's a VERY tactical topic for The Retail Muse, I know. But I ran across a brief article in the March-April 2007 Loss Prevention magazine that offered some trends in background screening that offered some points worth mentioning:

1. Increased Government Mandates--Federal and state government requirement of background checks is on the rise.

2. Privacy and Accuracy--Inaccuracies in database matches and noncompliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act has got privacy advocates stepping up their activities.

3. Second Chances--"Second Chance" laws are popping up in states like New York and require greater analysis of criminal records to justify whether or not to hire someone.

4. Impact of Recession--People are in greater need of employment, so you should be more careful in verify credentials, such as past employment and education.

5. Social Network Sites--Employers are using social networking sites to try and learn more about candidates. This information is untrustworthy and discriminatory. Stear clear.

--The Retail Muse

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