Sunday, June 29, 2008

If it's FREE, it's me.

Looking for a cheap (even FREE) way to promote your next store event, new hours, buyback promotion, or author signing?

Try This web-based printing company offers free (yes, free) business cards and very inexpensive postcards, tee shirts, and other items. Sometimes they run free offers on postcards and such, too.

Here's the deal. You can get 250 business cards printed in full color using your choice of about 45 stock designs. Choose a design that floats your boat, use the text entry fields for the "business card" for the text you need to use for your event. The business model is based on upgrades to items they offer for free and the other items that they sell.

See the screen shot of the sample I mocked up on their site earlier today (click on the image for the large version). I went about it as if I was going to host a Poetry Slam event at the store. You could get the cards printed and sent to you and then use them at your registers and other places to hand out to customers.

Not a bad bit of promotion...considering it's free!

Tony Ellis, CAE

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Anonymous said...

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