Thursday, June 26, 2008

Make 'em try it!

A younger friend of mine works at Old Navy. Since he's in their target audience, he (and other employees) are great judges of the styles, colors, prints, and fit of the clothing that Old Navy carries.

Yesterday he was grumping about having to try on clothes all day at work.

"What?!" I asked.

He replied by explaning that Old Navy is doing a company-wide evaluation of new styles that they just released to their stores. They have asked that every store ask a group of employees (in the target demographic, of course) try on the clothes in the new line and provide feedback to management. That feedback will be sent in, consolidated with other stores, and result in some outstanding information for Old Navy merchandise planners and buyers.

So you know what's coming next... .
- Do you have your student employees try on your new fashions?
- Do you involved your student employeers and customers in reviewing new styles in the vendor catalogs?
- Do you take students along to CAMEX and other buying events?

Just how involved are your student customers in your merchandise selection, planning, and evaluation?

If you want to meet their needs, you should start by talking to them.

If you want to engage them as customers...engage them as partners in the process!

Tony Ellis, CAE

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