Sunday, June 22, 2008

Priority: Retail!

The NACS Education Committee and Board of Trustees both met for their summer meetings in the last few weeks.

In separate, but related, exercises to update and establish strategic direction, both groups agreed that Retailing should be a strategic focus for programs and information sharing from NACS to the membership during the coming years.

Speficially, they various discussions suggested the following:
- Understanding the student customer.
- Analyzing and implementing research on retail trends, etc.
- Staying abreast of retail best practices.
- Identifying new products and services to offer.
- Offering premiere customer service.
- Understanding and communicating the store's value contribution to the campus/communcation (a form of marketing and branding, if you will).

So, you can only imagine that my mind is spinning with ideas and excitement about all the things there will be to muse about this year.

The Retail Muse

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